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  1. I put into the code injection, FB messenger chat and it appears nicely at the bottom right of the page. So wondering why this code for a bitcoin widget doesnt show.
  2. Appreciate the reply, but already tried that, It seems on the current template im using "Tremont" does not show the footer on the index/landing page.. is there any way i can add a code block or embed the above code (a small widget) to appear on the bottom left on the landing page ?
  3. Is there any out there who can help me with this? Would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Site URL: https://www.cryptocollective.trade Hi there! I really have no idea of Code, i have attached a image of my homepage and you can see how there is a facebook chat button on the bottom right. I generated that by using a code from facebook into the "Code Injection" area. Now im trying to add a small widget to the bottom left on that same footer that shows the price of Bitcoin live. This is the code below i have found but when inserted it does not show up. But i tryed it on code blocks on other pages and it works there. Is there a simply change to the code to fix this? T
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