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  1. Thanks! It hasn't yet and I've checked through the links but for me there wasn't a semicolon so still working on it. 🙂 Will put on here what the fix was whenever it is. Thanks! Michele
  2. Site URL: https://www.vamicreations.com Hello all! I would love for your feedback about my website (https://www.vamicreations.com). I'm focusing on the creative/maker community and am looking to see what I need to change/update or add to the site to make it more attractive to both new creatives as well as those having their own business in the creative community. I'm also having an issue with some of the affiliate links (posted in Pages and Content) and would greatly appreciate your feedback. I'm working through a variety of content upgrades as well as having more interviews (in different
  3. Site URL: https://www.vamicreations.com Hello all, I have a question regarding the Markdown blocks and adding the nofollow coding. I've done the coding that others here have recommended multiples times (my entire site (https://www.vamicreations.com) is filled with these and I have never had an issue with them till now). About a week ago, every time I started either changing something small (even deleting a space or adding one) in a markdown block of already posted articles or even creating a new post and using the same exact code for the nofollow affiliate links, all nofollow links sho
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