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  1. Thanks again -- this didn't work either (the date class code looked a lot different than your example) and I worry it would remove the date from both blogs on the website, when I just need it to remove them from the one. I appreciate your helpfulness.
  2. Thank you -- but this just made all of the posts disappear entirely.
  3. Site URL: https://www.bestrongfamilies.org I'm looking for CSS to turn off the date on a collection of "blog" posts I am setting up for my client's website. They want an archive of unique content and utilizing the blog collection tool seems to be the best way to set this up on their existing Squarespace with the functionality they need. However, we do not want dates to appear on these posts or on the landing page showing multiple posts. I know we can turn dates off blogs site-wide, but we need to be able to keep them ON on the client's traditional, existing news blog
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