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  1. Site URL: http://treatboxx.co.uk Is something like in the image below possible with Squarespace? I currently use a Form with drop down Menus for selecting Sweets to go into a Pick n Mix Bag but it would be a lot more user friendly to select actual images of the sweets so people know what they are? Thinking I may have to move to woo commerce or shopify which is such a shame as I love every other aspect for squarespace! Any help or tips would be really appreciated!
  2. Site URL: https://www.intheboxx.co.uk/shop/1kg-pick-amp-mix-c76ht Hi Does anyone know if there is any code to split these checkboxes in my Customer Form in to 2 or 3 Columns - I have 40 selections and it very long to scroll pw:hello Thank you
  3. Hi Is it possible to have different Shopping Cart Quantity Colours (circle colour) across different pages - I have 2 main Categories in my shop which have a different colour theme across each page. Using the Template Brine Thank you
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