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  1. @tuanphan For some reason, the code you helped me with previously, has stopped working. I want the header to be grey, but for some reason it's black. If I change the color scheme to one of the blue options it changes the heading to light blue. I'm really confused why changing the color in the css code won't change the header color anymore. Site url: https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/ Password: kiwi22 This is the css that I'm currently using: .tweak-fixed-header:not(.sqs-edit-mode-active) .header .header-announcement-bar-wrapper.shrink { background: grey !important; }
  2. You're right. It was an invalid color code. I tried making it into one word (ex. lightblue) and it worked! Also works for things like darkred, lightgreen, dark green, & darkblue (which appears to be the same color as navy).
  3. Ha HA! I found the right place to adjust the line height setting for the menu! I found it within Design>Fonts and then by clicking the hamburger menu icon (while in mobile preview) which brought up the option to customize the font for just the mobile menu. Thanks Tuanphan for helping me figure out where to look!
  4. Site URL: https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/ A friend of mine just went to view my site to give it a once-over before I make my final changes and make it live. My friend noticed that while using a mobile device to view the site, my second layer of navigation has some text overlapping issues. (My primary navigation is fine, but when I click on one of the navigation options and see the secondary navigation (what would be the drop down menus on desktop) my text keeps overlapping.) I have tried viewing it on different devices, different OS and browsers. They all show the same issue. I have altered my spacing as wide as it can go and it's still having issues. Help? I have no idea how to fix this. Site password is: kiwi22
  5. Site URL: https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/ I have a custom sticky header that works great, but I was debating changing the color. However, I'm unsure of what my options are. I tried using different colors in my custom css and some worked and some didn't. Those that worked are: black, white, blue, navy, grey, tan, red, green, pink and teal. But colors like 'light blue' didn't work. I'd love to have my header as a sandy color so I tried tan, but its the wrong shade to go with the color scheme I've chosen. Does anyone know what the color options for headers are? Note: I'm using version 7.1
  6. I have no idea. 😆 I deleted all the code and copied and pasted the code you sent again (to figure out where it came from) and it worked! Thanks again for your help!
  7. Sure thing! These are the pages that are having issues: https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/about-odyssey https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/what-is-ss https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/how-to-join These are having the issue too but the header has black text instead of white because they don't have a 'headline' section. So if leaving these as is would be easier, that's totally fine. Because I realize if these pages have the black sticky header like the other pages, the header text color will need to be changed as well. https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/odyssey-history/pre-wwii https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/odyssey-history/galapagos https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/odyssey-history/wwii https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/odyssey-history/postwwii-transit https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/odyssey-history/postwwii-sandiego https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/odyssey-history/1974-present https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/odyssey-history/projects https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/contact-us https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/crew-activity-photos https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/bsa-charter-photos https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/blog
  8. Sorry to have so many questions, but I just noticed that this part is only working on select pages and not on others. Can you help me figure out why and how to fix that?
  9. OMG thank you! Do you happen to know what the color options are for the header? I changed it to black, which looks okay, but I was wondering if there might be another color option that would look better with my color scheme.
  10. The link is: https://grey-cranberry-c4ar.squarespace.com/ And temporary password is: banana22
  11. Thank you! That will make this process so much easier! Do you know of a way to make my fixed header transparent when at the actual top of the page but turn into non-transparent after scrolling past my top image?
  12. So I tried this and it worked well, but what I didn't take into account was that my menu text is white and the background color on most of my pages is also white. (Shoulda seen that coming.) Is there a way to make my header transparent when at the actual top of the page but turn solid white after scrolling past my top image? I'm pretty new to this so sorry if this is a kinda obvious question, but how are you guys sharing your sites? Are you sharing your actual administrator login and password? (I hope not!) Or is there a way to give someone access to view your site before it's live?
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