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  1. I've come to the conclusion SquareSpace just isn't powerful enough to support a site like mine. The fact is, I have items that have options. For example, I should be able to have a single product listing that lets you pick: Manufacturer (10 options) Model (10 options, should change dynamically when manufacturer is picked) Color (11 options) Clips (12 options) Size (4 options) So under SquareSpace, this would a product with a 10 x 11 x 12 x 4 variants, and that's not accounting for manufacturer as each manufacturer could I suppose have it's own product. That's literally 5,280 different variants, which of course is a bit past the 100 variant limit and way past the time it's worth inputting all that in. It would be amazing to have options that simply apply to various product categories. For example, I want to sell shirts. Each shirt is going to have 11 color options and 4 size options. I shouldn't have to make 44 variants per shirt (I might have 90 shirts) for every shirt I want to sell. That's madness. Anyway, my hope is someone in the future will come across this post and go elsewhere. This isn't a knock on SquareSpace necessarily, it's just SS is obviously designed for a very small shop, with a few items and only a few options per item.
  2. Yes, I have 10 manufacturers, each manufacturer has approximately 10 models. Manufacturer G Product G19 Model G17 Model G19 Model G19X Model G45 Model G23 Model G32 In this example, they'd pick G. Under G they'd pick any of the models, which are actually just "Product G19" but listed as different models that G19 actually works with. Hope this is makes sense.
  3. I have products that have a "Manufacturer" and "Model". For example, the following list: Dodge Charger Dodge Caravan Kia Optoma Kia Sedona Toyota Camry In the above example, if I simply add options "Manufacturer" and "Model," the product will display two drop down boxes. One for each option. So far so good. However, when I choose "Dodge" from the "Manufacturer" drop down, it still lists "Charger, Caravan, Optoma, Sedona, and Camry" as options under Model. How do I make it where if the user selects manufacturer "Kia" they are only presented with Optoma and Sedona as possible "Model" options? Thanks!
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