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  1. I've come to the conclusion SquareSpace just isn't powerful enough to support a site like mine. The fact is, I have items that have options. For example, I should be able to have a single product listing that lets you pick: Manufacturer (10 options) Model (10 options, should change dynamically when manufacturer is picked) Color (11 options) Clips (12 options) Size (4 options) So under SquareSpace, this would a product with a 10 x 11 x 12 x 4 variants, and that's not accounting for manufacturer as each manufacturer could I suppose have it's own product. That's
  2. Yes, I have 10 manufacturers, each manufacturer has approximately 10 models. Manufacturer G Product G19 Model G17 Model G19 Model G19X Model G45 Model G23 Model G32 In this example, they'd pick G. Under G they'd pick any of the models, which are actually just "Product G19" but listed as different models that G19 actually works with. Hope this is makes sense.
  3. I have products that have a "Manufacturer" and "Model". For example, the following list: Dodge Charger Dodge Caravan Kia Optoma Kia Sedona Toyota Camry In the above example, if I simply add options "Manufacturer" and "Model," the product will display two drop down boxes. One for each option. So far so good. However, when I choose "Dodge" from the "Manufacturer" drop down, it still lists "Charger, Caravan, Optoma, Sedona, and Camry" as options under Model. How do I make it where if the user selects manufacturer "Kia" they are only presented with Optoma an
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