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  1. Great. but sir, don't you think it is somehow lengthy and hectic thing to process each and every image individually. I have also tried with your mentioned method, It really works great. Regards,
  2. Thanks Sir, You have given very useful guidelines. I would surely follow it. Since, I am a beginner, It would take me a couple of hours to digest your tips at all. And for CSS Codes, thanks a lot, It really makes the work superb and more comfortable. Derrick, I have also observed that your site is really cool on mobile. It is responsive, indeed. And, how to do you compress the size of file? Do you use any external tool? Thanks & Regards..
  3. Hi there! I just have had a cursory look at your site. That looks amazing. It features what you want to speak up to your heart. I am also a beginner level learner. The site that you have reflects you somewhat a sufficient experience in handling in all of these stuff. My point, I am also planning to have the same spot as that of yours, to feature my ideas, pictures, videos etc. Apart, how do you handle the site speed and performance because, I suppose, media files make site speed heavier. Nevertheless, can you please share your experience in this regard. Regards.
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