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  1. Omg your work and the style of your design site is so amazing, well suited for you and the text integrated with the layout of your pages are really great! Love how you can also purchase your art and just the concepts and quality of your work is what I hope to be attain also! Would love to connect - a photographer and stylist here based in London.
  2. Hey! Just had a look at your site and love that it's quirky fun and engaging. Although I have few things I would suggest 🙂 1. In your about me page i would say if you would give more indents on the text. for example have more space on the sides of the text. as it doesn't help the eyes for reading. 2. I'm a photographer but I don't think the product shots do much justice for what I can see you have amazing products! If you need more help with this - please feel free to message 🙂 3. Lastly there seems to be an empty pink box on this?
  3. Site URL: https://www.jtagle.com Hey guys, Pass site: jaysite Please can you give me feedback on my website and what's the best ways to market and launch your site :)
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