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  1. Site URL: https://www.libeluladesol.cl/ Hi everyone! I'm looking a way to put this event (details of the Event, not the list of Events or the calendar of events) on an Index page that I've already have personalized. I've tried with "Resumen" (In Spanish, don't know how it is called in English) But only shows the picture, the date and the title, and I need to shows Title, Date, Time, Adress and link to Google or Ical. Thanks!
  2. Hi! Did you solved the refresh problem? I'm dealing with the same issue, I thougth it may be Ajax, but I turn it off and keep happening. Thanks!
  3. Hi! I have a similar issue, the shoppify button does not charge at a first time (the page needs to refresh and then product appears). Did you solved your problem? Maybe that would work for me. Thanks!
  4. None, I'm creating all products on Shopify, and I'm posting the code on Aditional Info with all the info from Shopify: Name Product, Price, Description, Add to cart. All the info from Product from Squarespace is hidden, and the only thing that shows is the code from de Shopify Button. Hope it works for you!
  5. OMG this works amazing!!!! Thanks a lot!!!
  6. Site URL: https://www.libeluladesol.cl/matrimonio-camila-y-matias-2021 Hi everyone! First of all, sorry for my English! Now, the question... I'm making one page, I thougth it look ok on mobile devices, and it is, except on Iphones... This is how it should look: And this is how it looks from an Iphone: The word "Matías" is continuing down with a hyphen . I'm guessing it has to do with Safari? How can I solve it? I've tried with some something called viewport and others things I saw on internet, nothing really working... https://www.libel
  7. It's not working, I think it has something to do with the second part of the code. I've put this on the append part: "TEST" to check if JS was working, and it worked perfect: But, It doesn't work with the shopify button. The page is: https://www.libeluladesol.cl/disenos/martina-ljbs3 (pw: Gabriel2020 ) I've really appreciated your help!
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