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  1. @Ziggy Thank you for your comment. No joy unfortunately. It moves it above the title. I do also have a product enquiry form plugin that i am using to replace the 'add to cart'. FYI incase that code may be conflicting with this?? Thanks again
  2. Hi all. I see this topic has been discussed a few times but I can't see a solution that fits. I wonder is anyone can help? I have a social share tool (AddThis) embedded via a code block in the additional information section of a product page. I've used Json to move this into the product description, but I cannot place it where I want it to be. Here is a screenshot of what I am trying to achieve and the code I have used within Code Injection -> Footer. <!--- Moving Social Share Icons into description --------------> <script> $(document).ready(function() { $('section.ProductItem-additional').insertAfter('.ProductItem-details-excerpt'); }); </script> URL - https://fiona-mcdonald.squarespace.com/collections/p/claude-bench Password - fiona If anyone knows the correct class to place it after, or reference to information, I would be hugely grateful. Thanks in advance Tom
  3. Thank you @derricksrandomviews That worked a treat! Really appreciate the help
  4. Hi Everyone. I'm using tags to filter blog content around a digital recipe book but have an odd issue where the individual tag on the recipe is not connecting to the tag manager list. For example, this recipe for Fig Leaf Margarita - https://www.volf.co.uk/recipe-book/Fig-leaf-margarita has a tag 'fig'. At the bottom of the page we want to show other recipes with the tag 'fig', however this tag cannot be included in filter. When receive the blog tag manager the tag is not there. Has anyone experienced this before or know if there is a tag limit? Thank you in advance. Any guidance/thoughts will be much appreciated. Tom
  5. Thanks again @tuanphan and @paul2009 for your suggestions. I've created sections for each of the charities and added a relevant tag to each product in order to pull the section content into the Product Detail Page. I would be really grateful for some help with the code to pull in the required content when a Product Detail Page contains one of the charity tags. Here's the details but if there is anything else require please let me know. Site URL - federicoveronesi.com Charity 1 - Sheldrick Section ID - section[data-section-id="63c5a93de5ae1159e8e044b2"] Product Tag - sheldrick Charity 2 - Bushlife Section ID - section[data-section-id="63c5aadbad67251500c22acd"] Product Tag - bushlife Thank you
  6. @tuanphan and @paul2009 Thank you both for confirming this is possible. Great to hear! I'll get back to you shortly once I have the charity information in a standard section. Again, thank you both for your help . Superstars! 👊
  7. Hi guys Hope everyone is well. I'm working on a photographers website with around 100 prints for sale - https://federicoveronesi.com/fine-art-wildlife-prints/black-white/one-life. I'd like to add some additional information which is pretty standardised. It's essential information about the charity the print is supporting. There will be two versions depending on the product. Rather than adding additional information independently to every product, I wondered if anyone knew how to display a pre-designed section, or even saved section, into the additional information area? Maybe a product tag can differentiate which section (charity information) is displayed in the product area. I hope this explanation is clear. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks all Tom
  8. Thanks @tuanphan. There's about 100 so I'll find another solution. Thanks for confirming, very much appreciated
  9. Hi everyone I'm trying to make a product page scroll between products. From one product page to another, from inside the product page rather than going back into a store page. Here's an example of the product and attached is a mockup of what I am trying to achieve. https://federicoveronesi.com/store/p/african-wildlife-print-black-and-white-2019022280042710519 Does anyone know if this is possible on SS? Thank you in advance. Appreciate the help Tom
  10. Hi. I'm trying to make my forced desktop burger menu exit when clicking outside of the menu, as well as on the 'X'. Can anyone help? Here are the site details https://sonnazltd.squarespace.com/ Password: sonnaz Thank you
  11. Site URL: https://www.julesoldroyd.com/shop/p/the-mane-event Hi. I'm wanting to move the product image above the description and variations. Is anyone able to help with custom code? 🙏 https://www.julesoldroyd.com/shop/p/the-mane-event Password: jules Thanks Tom
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