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  1. Hey @snorkelcookislands - your code doesn't make sense just yet. You are selecting the link `/book-a-tour` and telling it to go to a page called `.../book-a-tour` - just going in circles 🙂. What you need to do is take the slug from the folder and direct it to go to a different page. Once you sort out that difference, you should be good to go. I've updated my original answer to hopefully make this more clear.
  2. @snorkelcookislands - just do the following steps (the script is taken from @RyanDejaegher). Get the slug you assigned to your folder (e.g. "/folder") Add the following script to how @RyanDejaegher mentioned: Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection -> Footer <script> (function() {window.addEventListener("load", function () { var tours = document.querySelector('[href="FOLDER SLUG COPIED FROM STEP 1"]'); tours.addEventListener("click", function () { window.location = "PAGE SLUG OR FULL URL"; }); })} )(); </script> 3. Repla
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