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  1. Hi Interesting site -- lots of extras -- cannot decide whether i like the cursor feature or not -- but i'm guessing there's only upside with the feature I am not an expert but i question the use of blue given the "party" and "fun time" sort of approach you're taking with the brand. Blue seems to conflict with the brand. I've chosen a shade of blue on my site because it's supposed to convery calm, trust, intelligence, responsibility, etc -- and that's important to my brand Your goal seems primarily to be support your sales efforts with wholesalers, distributors so maybe tha
  2. Hi Jay I haven't done much to concern myself with speed and performance other than follow squarespace guidelines I've made some images as low quality as i can while ensuring they don't look poor -- that's about it. One thing -- I've taken some images and overlayed them with opaque white to make them less crisp so that the black font would be more easily seen You can do some free photo editing here -- Pixlr Another beginner tip -- I was able to add some CSS code to highlight some area of text -- all i did was google what i wanted to do and some sites have the code right
  3. Bangank Looked at your Freelancer page -- looks like you are a power developer I'll keep you in mind when i need real work done!
  4. I see i responded to your pm and not here -- decided to share my workaround here as well -- I put an Image Block into the footer with the logo i wanted to add. Then used the social block for FB. Not the greatest, but it works ... Now I wish i could put a proper FB Logo in the Image Block section! 🙂 Could i replace the Squarespace FB Logo with a proper FB Logo?
  5. Hi Derrick Clicked through to your site -- I used to have a thing for Annie Lennox 🙂 But who didn't ... Easy to see you love writing and you write well -- that site is about giving yourself a place to express yourself -- right? In a sense, The ShareLife concept takes what you do today, keeps it 100% private and gives your "recipients" the option to someday buy their own subscription and "share forward" your writing and images to their children and grandchildren -- and so on. Everything we post on FB and other social media will get lost over time. Technically, whatever pe
  6. Site URL: https://www.sharelife.plus/ Hi I've seen some other posts with very similar requests but the responses weren't clear (to me, yet another beginner) I simply want to add a badge to the footer, and want to link the badge to the badge's website I think it belongs to the right of the current footer links but wouldn't want to change the center-aligned look of the footer links I assume this requires some css ... Is this possible?
  7. Site URL: https://www.sharelife.plus/ Would be interested in any feedback you folks could provide on my site The saas product is in development -- the current objective is to collect "early adopter" email addresses I've been advertising on Google and have an okay CTR -- Conversion Rate is Okay -- but i'd like to improve my conversion rate I don't want to hard sell -- rather respect people who generally would be > 30 years old and have some experience I believe establishing trust is needed -- are there obvious things i could add or delete? Anything small? Obvious?
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