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  1. Hi @RyanDejaegher and @derricksrandomviews yes that's approximately what I'm looking for, but I want the vertical lines to extend to meet the full-width horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the row of cards, and no outer border visible on the left and right of the row. The 'Fresh Produce' component here is a perfect example: https://sometimesalways.com.au/ I tried both the suggested solutions and can't figure out how to extend the length of the line beyond the length of the card. Thanks for the help so far!
  2. Thanks @derricksrandomviews – those tutorials show you how to add freestanding vertical lines via new code blocks, which I'm across, however I need to create these lines within the existing Squarespace blocks.
  3. Site URL: https://cinnamon-kangaroo-8d9s.squarespace.com/ Hi there, I'd like to add vertical lines to border the individual cards in a 'Summary' block. I want to apply this to two scenarios: A row of cards with image stacked on top of title: vertical line should appear between each card. Single full-width card with image left and title right (desktop only): vertical line should appear between the image and the title (halfway point of screen). In both scenarios the vertical line should meet the horizontal lines I've placed top and bottom of the summary blocks. T
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