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  1. Ok! For shop page, smaller padding between images, to match what it is on other pages. On site styles, it is 1.6% for the index page.
  2. for some reason that isn't changing the space between thumbnails on my end http://www.idealcities.com/bookshop
  3. It worked! Thanks! Also, is there a way to change the padding around the commerce front page grid? So that it matches what is on other pages? LIke this: http://www.idealcities.com/#/roadweavings/ or http://www.idealcities.com/
  4. thank you! But now it's just stacking all the images. I'd really just like a grid like this: http://www.idealcities.com/a-field-guide-to-weeds
  5. Thanks for your help! That's actually distorting the images (making them too narrow). Is there a way to retain square and have them in a grid above or below the text?
  6. Site URL: http://www.idealcities.com/bookshop/hun5b02ym5imrvp8e4miktp6tpfvzm I would rather show my books in the grid form than in the slideshow, as I'm able to do on a regular page. I don't think it's possible but am hopeful so thought I'd check. I'd prefer it to look like this: http://www.idealcities.com/a-field-guide-to-weeds but I need it to be in the commerce area.
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