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  1. Site URL: https://www.mliuheart.com Hi Guys! We are having trouble with out new website load speed. The homepage and homepage photo take a while to load and so does the product photos and shop photos - Yes good and bad quality internet to play a factor but nonetheless i would like to speed this up as much as i can without losing quality. I've checked online website speed checks but I don't really know what I have to implement to make this change, i've compressed the photos and done all of that so any help or code will really be great! Thanks!!
  2. Site URL: https://www.mliuheart.com Hi guys! We are trying to have the product form only 'pop up' when the 'MARKED' variant is chosen. This is because we are customising clothing but only if the customer pays a premium and we don't want to form to appear when the 'BLANK' variant is selected. Any help will be great. Thanks guys!!
  3. Site URL: https://www.mliuheart.com Hi, I have just moved my business from shopify to squarespace purely from a design standpoint. I'm not happy with the product carousel on the mobile, its clunky and annoying to use. I did however have a great crousel on my old shopify website - mliu.myshopify.com If you could please help me shift this carousel onto my squarespace website www.mliuheart.com - Especially the mobile version, but if it needs to be both mobile and desktop that's 100% fine too! - just might be hard on desktop because the product information is to the right and not below
  4. Thanks Man, All sorted! Would you potentially be able to help me with my carousel question on my profile? Thanks Man!
  5. Code says syntax line error 1 - Using theme Tresiore <style type="text/css"> /* Squarepaste Product Accordion © */ .ProductItem-details .ProductItem-details-excerpt p {text-align:left;} .ProductItem-additional h2, .ProductItem-details .ProductItem-details-excerpt h2 {cursor: pointer;border-bottom: solid 1px #000000;text-transform: uppercase;letter-spacing: 0px;font-size: 14px;line-height: 28px;margin: 0px;text-align:left;} .ProductItem-additional h2:before, .ProductItem-details .ProductItem-details-excerpt h2:before {content: "+";float: right;font-size: inherit;line-height: inherit;opa
  6. Site URL: https://www.mliuheart.com Having trouble adding a product accordion from squarepaste. There is an error when I try to add it to my product page. Syntax line 1. Code below - Thanks
  7. Hey Bangank36, So we have 2 types of the same Item - BLANK and MARKED. Instead of like the reference websites where we have a seperate product page for each product, we want to have MARKED to be an option - Like a colour choice. The problem we're having is to have a coherent product photo carousel that firstly displays all 4 or 5 photos of the BLANK and then shows the MARKED product photos. But on the shop page for the hover photo it shows the BLANK item and the MARKED item without the photos being numbers 1&2 on the product page carousel. hope this makes sense. Thank y
  8. Hey guys! thanks for the replies. So basically we need to be able to choose which photo of the product will come up as the second photo on the hover effect. Some products will be different due to varied photo amounts. If you could possibly give me a code which enables me to pick exactly which two photos will appear on the shop page - For example either inputting '1' for photo 1 of the carousel and '5' for photo 5 and then when on the shop page the hover effect will use photos 1 & 5 instead of always 1 & 2 Hope this clears it up. I'm far from an expert so it's a lit
  9. Hey Man, the sight isn't up and running as of yet. The website I gave you was an example of a carousel that we want (our old product carousel from our Shopify website) We are using the template 'tresiore' for our website and have not made any alterations to do it. If you can help us out using that template, that would be amazing. thanks man
  10. Site URL: https://tresoire-demo.squarespace.com/?nochrome=false Hey Guys! How would i be able to select a certain image for the product hover? We have 2 variants of the same item and I want the second one to be shown on the product hover without the second variant being the second image placement. Is there a way to do choose a specific photo from the product to be the second photo on the hover? Thanks! product hover video.mov
  11. Site URL: https://www.mliuheart.com Hey guys! I'm looking to change to carousel on the mobile version of our squarespace site that we're building. we have using Tresoire and are still at the development stage of the site. I want something like our old shopify website. see www.mliuheart.com for the product carousel example. The Squarespace mobile carousel just doesn't perform well enough, it's too clunky and it feels outdated. Any coding help will be great. Thanks!
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