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  1. It looks like I got one to work and one still isn't working. I did the same process with the code block.
  2. Thanks Dan, I'm sorry its on this page: http://enchantedsexandlove.com/revolution and its supposed to be at the bottom under the "Investment" section. I do have a business plan and have used code on other pages. I installed it using a code block. What do I add in the Settings > Advanced > Code Injection > Header/Footer injection menus? Thanks again! Jodi
  3. Site URL: http://enchantedsexandlove.com/revolution Hi all! I'm trying to add code from PayPal and it's saying "script disabled". I tried looking at it from another browser and it still doesn't work! This is the code I'm using under the payment plan. Thanks for your help!: <p><div id="paypal-button-container-P-26097925U8845553YMD5QT2Q"></div> <script src="https://www.paypal.com/sdk/js?client-id=AUIlYeAieag-unUdc9fHZVP23_9I5-zBlyicd4blbOOqasoa5dU4hatppxNdmVKtXpnLCcU8oddspJS9&vault=true&intent=subscription" data-sdk-integration-source="button-factory"></script> <script> paypal.Buttons({ style: { shape: 'pill', color: 'blue', layout: 'vertical', label: 'subscribe' }, createSubscription: function(data, actions) { return actions.subscription.create({ /* Creates the subscription */ plan_id: 'P-26097925U8845553YMD5QT2Q' }); }, onApprove: function(data, actions) { alert(data.subscriptionID); // You can add optional success message for the subscriber here } }).render('#paypal-button-container-P-26097925U8845553YMD5QT2Q'); // Renders the PayPal button </script></p>
  4. Site URL: https://www.enchantedsexandlove.com Hi! I am having a hard time adding a convertkit form to my site. When I try to add the html to a code block, it says "script disabled" and then the form shows up at the bottom of the site (not where I inserted the block) and obstructed by a picture. I took the code out to avoid confusing any potential visitors, but would appreciate any thoughts or advice on this topic! Thank you!
  5. Thanks @RyanDejaegher! Yes, I tried to put the code higher on the page:
  6. Site URL: https://www.enchantedsexandlove.com I'm trying to add code to my site in order to add a form from ConvertKit. When I do this, the form doesn't appear and the words "script disabled" are where the form should be. I've tried logging out to see if the form appears on the site, but it doesn't. Thanks!! (The code should be right under where the current form is on the homepage)
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