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  1. Site URL: https://www.designedbyflorence.com Just wandering if it's possible to link one stock variant item, to another product. So we're selling Dolls with custom clothing items, but would like customers to buy either the dolls, or the clothes by themselves, or both the doll and the clothes. And I have multiple versions of the doll, but have the listed as different products, is it possible to link all the doll items so that if one is bought, the other dolls are updated as well?
  2. It should be part of your shop functionality, when someone selects the colours, they can type in the number of items they would like. Let me know if you notice it
  3. I have a work around. Note I'm from Australia where we cannot sell our products on Facebook. So go to your Data Feed Rules (Data Sources > Settings > Data Feed Rules). Then Add Rule -> Set Default Values -> Column: inventory -> Set Default Value to '1' This works well even if some of your items are out of stock, they will show up as having 0 in the inventory
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