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  1. Site URL: https://dachshund-cone-m729.squarespace.com/ Help! I have two buttons beside each other. The one of the right I coded with css because I needed it different colors. The one on the left changes shape (as I change the screen size) but the other one doesn't. I'd like it to have the button on the right stay it's same length (full length) until it reaches mobile / tablet size. How do I stop it from looking like this! (see image)
  2. Tuanphan!! You seem like the expert to go to in our Squarespace Circle!!

    How do I get this section of font to be centered on ONLY Mobile and Tablet (breakpoint 1024px) 

    Your support would be greatly appreciated!

    Screenshot 2020-10-27 204704.png

    1. tuanphan



      I'm overloading.

      You can post on forum & tag me

      or send to my email. https://beaverhero.com/covid19

      I will check carefully at the end of day

  3. Site URL: https://dachshund-cone-m729.squarespace.com/ Hey! I need to change the second button to transparent with white text!! How do I do this without changing the other button's colors! See image!
  4. Site URL: https://earthworm-crow-7c2p.squarespace.com/ Hey! I need some help! I need to change the margin of a SINGLE image block on my MOBILE view only. Can anyone help! See image of mobile preview
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