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    Maya_H reacted to standardtoaster in Instagram Block work around for client   
    I recently set up an instagram block for a friend who happens to also be a collaborator on the Squarespace site. I had them log in to squarespace, find the page, and put their credentials in, but only because it's a friend who knows their way around a squarespace well.
    If it's a client you can't have log into squarespace and type in the credentials themselves, you'll have to either get the login from them (maybe have them temporarily set a different password)
    Or you could screen share to their computer and link the account while logged into the squarespace site on their computer... 
    Just a few thoughts! I'm new to Squarespace so not 100% sure haha.
    Bottom line is, the target instagram account needs to be logged in on the web browser of the computer in which the squarespace work is happening (just temporarily at least)
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    Maya_H got a reaction from CarriePost in Instagram Block work around for client   
    I'm experiencing the same issue. Would love an answer to this! 
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    Maya_H reacted to CarriePost in Instagram Block work around for client   
    I am designing a website for a client and she wants the Instagram Block, but the way squarespace has it set-up is to auto connect to whichever account I am personally signed into (my client doesn't want MY insta feed on her website!). Do I need my clients sign in credentials in order to connect her account or is there a work around? I wish it was easier and I could just enter the handle to connect the account. 
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