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    angelorduna reacted to grinch in White Bar At Bottom of Black Background Page   
    Site URL: https://www.hammerheadaudio.com/
    Hi, I have a website where the background color for the homepage is black. On mobile or when I have the browser window at a small size this works fine, but when I enlarge the browser window on my laptop a white area shows up at the bottom of the screen (screenshot attached). I can get rid of this by installing an empty black footer, but this adds a bunch of blank space people can scroll through on my entire site, which feels like a worse problem. I've tried some different settings to try to get rid of this but none have worked as of yet. Anyone know what might be causing this and how I can fix it? Feels like a bug in how Squarespace handles its background rendering. I'm getting this issue on a 15-inch MacBook pro using Google chrome. 

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    angelorduna reacted to Michael_TG in Remove white space under footer   
    I have a white space underneath my footer. Is it possible to remove it? I am using the brine template. www.taskgloves.com
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