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  1. Hi there! I've also tried to use your code to try and set my logos in a 2 column mobile responsive design but `i keep getting a syntax error on the 1st line of code. Could you help with mine please? The website is https://www.browologylabs.com/ and its this block that I'd like to have the icons in two columns. Could you help me here. Thank you and much appreciated
  2. Site URL: http://www.browologylabs.com Hi, So my phone has night mode enabled, which basically makes the screens mostly have a black background on all apps. I noticed when I send an email using the email templates on squarespace to my phone without night mode enabled everything is fine. Once nightmode is enabled the background colours change to Brown (they are meant to be pink). Does anyone know if there is a setting to prevent this or is this just something that was not accounted for by squarespace? Regards
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