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Status Updates posted by bangank36

  1. How you guys think about the new form style that I made for a project. start with the datepicker and making changes to other control as well


  2. Finally finishing the visdual builder for the delivery date picker plugin, those who bought the plugin can use this tool to generate different delivery/pickup rule for each input, it simply as answer the questions about lead time, cutoff time or timezone... The output can be copy directly to code injection panel

    Datepicker Customize Tool


  3. A new custom plugin is coming: Squarespace Table of Contents block, who interested?


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Brent_Dickens


      Wicked! Super keen on this!


    3. JustinSeimits


      amazing, where can this be found?

    4. bangank36


      it is in final beta test and will be available in next few days

  4. [Custom Plugin Giveaway] 360 image viewer block

    I will give free early access for first 5 fellows who interested into my lastest plugin - 360 viewer block.

    Check this post for detail

  5. Have you wonder if a Squarespace Order can be linked with a Mailchimp Lead and assigned tag for automation trigger? Let's check how I tackle this issue

    Article details

  6. Squarespace Plugins: Pinchable lightbox image/gallery

    I'm glad to introduce the lastest plugin that can turn your lightbox image into pinchable on mobile, where you can pan,zoom the image with fingers touch

    Let's contact me for more detail!


    1. JustinSeimits


      can you provide more info on this one. I have a client that would really benefit from this plugin. 

    2. bangank36


      I PM you

  7. I am impressed with this gallery grid effect, trying to replicate on default Squarespace 7.1 gallery section

    Card Hover Interactions (codepen.io)

  8. Trying to replicate the sticky section on Squarespace website

    Create a Portfolio Website - Online Portfolios – Squarespace   --> Expand your network

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