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  1. This question relates to the squarespace online store when looking at individual products. I am trying to add the section for additional information to the product description itself. The site is still private so am unable to share a link. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!
  2. Thanks @RyanDejaegher but I managed to solve this eventually! All the best
  3. Hi Community, I am trying to have side by side code blocks (2 per row) on mobile. I currently have 8 code blocks displaying as 2 rows of 4 on desktop. When switching to mobile view, these blocks stack on top of each other so that it displays as 1 block per row. I have tried targeting various elements like the content wrapper and .sqs-col-12 .sqs-col-4 columns like this to no avail: @media screen and (max-width: 640px){ [data-section-id=""]{.sqs-col-12 .sqs-col-4{ width: calc(100%/2) !important; border: 0 !important; margin: 0 !important; } } } Any help would be grea
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