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    Vanec got a reaction from rwp in Custom CSS to center Summary Block is juuust off center   
    @rwp You're right, they both work! I had deleted the old code which was the problem. Thanks!
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    Vanec got a reaction from RyanDejaegher in Help with some custom Newsletter block code - Something is going wrong   
    @RyanDejaegher Nope, none at all, looks all clean and good in my custom CSS window, but I seem to be the only person in my whole office who is even able to see the border. You said you were able to see it? You're the only person other than me who can, it seems. 
    I see a couple errors when I inspect the element but am not sure if they're what's causing the issue. I'm inspecting now, but am honestly at a loss here.
    Update: Something weird was breaking in the JS index. So, I removed the newsletter block and instead just used a normal contact form, edited down to only display the Email field. Close enough!
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    Vanec reacted to RyanDejaegher in How to create autoscrolling testimonials using Summary Block (carousel) in 7.2?   
    @Vanec Add this code to Settings -> Advanced -> Code Injection -> Footer

    <script> (function(){ window.addEventListener('load', function() { var next = document.querySelector('.summary-carousel-pager-next'); var autoSlide = function(){ next.click() }; var startSlideInterval = function(){ interval = setInterval(autoSlide,2000); console.log('interval started'); } var interval; var stopSlideInterval = function() { clearInterval(interval); console.log('interval cleared') } var summarySection = document.querySelector('[data-section-id="5e9b73e06ff3c35bddda4310"]'); summarySection.addEventListener('mouseover', stopSlideInterval); summarySection.addEventListener('mouseout', startSlideInterval); startSlideInterval() }) })() </script> Result:
    CleanShot 2020-06-19 at 11.37.31.mp4
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    Vanec reacted to TGray in Center Summary Grid Block   
    I struggled with finding the answer. Try this, it worked for me.
    //center summary block// .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-item-list { display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; justify-content: center; }  
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