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  1. It isn't live unfortunately, it's literally at the base template stage and I've made only a small handful of alterations... I didn't really want to put any more work in if I wasn't going to be able to do some full-bleed images as it's going to be very much for arts, culture & entertainment purposes. I can still provide the link, though, if that would help? There are sample blog posts on there so you should be able to do your magic on those?
  2. That looks fantastic! Exactly what I wanted to go for. I am, however, a complete newbie when it comes to coding. What custom css did you use (and where) for this? Thanks so much, I cannot overstate how grateful I am.
  3. Thanks, @ryandejaegher. Yeah, I'd prefer to avoid option 2 as I'd rather everything else be the same, I just literally want to be able to have a couple of images be full-width, and preferably not confined to just the feature/headline image. Do you have any suggestions of what might be suitable code and how I may be able to target specific images with it? Or, alternatively, if there was css that could override certain sections/gallery choices to force them to be full-width?
  4. Hi all, Am currently testing out whether or not to go with Squarespace for a new site business that will be content-heavy, and whilst I'm mostly a fan of the streamlining of 7.1, I'm a little concerned that there doesn't seem to be a provision to make images within a blog post full-width/bleed. Does anyone know if there is a workaround for this at all? As I don't really want to be confined to images that are restricted to the margins of the blog container (I know this can be amended but I want to keep that width for text etc.) Kindest, Kyle
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