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  1. UPDATE: I've updated the code to reflect the collection# for all of the settings and it seems to have improved overall function! Also, by not swapping out the logo and keeping the header with the site-wide settings, the page seems to load faster and respond normally. I fixed the problem on mobile where the page was scrolling L/R - it was an issue with the length of text on the form button. Hopefully this helps someone else out there!
  2. Hello! I'm creating a page on my site that I'd like to have a black background. The rest of my site is white background. I've uploaded an alternate logo to use on this page only in Design > Custom CSS > Manage Custom Files >Add Images or Fonts I've injected the following code in the Custom CSS on the specific page to 1) Change the logo at the top to a new file that reflects the black background with white text on both mobile and web; 2) Change the background of the Main, Header Top, Header Bottom, and Footer to Black; 3) Change the h1, h2, h3, p, strong, and a font co
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