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  1. also, it is configured on "Display and Timing " to show on "Any first page" "Show on timer and Scroll", "Immediately", "25% down" and enabled for "Show on mobile"
  2. Site URL: https://chriszforma.com sometimes my promotional pop-up that is configured to show up in the lower left corner displays very big and covers the whole page. I can't find the cause. it doesn't happen all the time. It has happened in Chrome and in Edge on Windows and Chrome on MacOS. Attached is proof of the lower left configuration for the popup (and what is expected for location) and attached is a pic showing it taking over the whole screen. When it is happening and I "refresh" the page it continues. There are scrollbars shown but nothing visible moves when scrol
  3. Site URL: https://chriszforma.com Every time I create a gallery page or gallery block in 7.1 I am only given the option to search for images or upload images. I want to make a gallery grid of embeded videos (from youtube.com). When i add a video section I only get 2 videos at most to be able to add. What am I missing? How can I create a grid of embeded videos with captions? I have read the guides and search the forums but couldn't find my situation. The guides say you can select "video" but I do not see that in my interface. Lisa
  4. thank you, but this is my finding after following your tip. It is a little better but not exact. Plus it added extra white space by adding a new code block.
  5. Site URL: https://www.chriszforma.com/priorities/ The video about resizing blocks mentions a cropping tool, but the visual cue does not show up on my edit page. there is so much white space that causes lots of extra scrolling. How do I get the cropping tool to appear? what other options exist to resize when all spacer blocks are removed already.
  6. Site URL: https://www.chriszforma.com/priorities/ On my page I have 6 images and they have as their URL the jump to the anchor ID found lower on the same page. However, the jump to the anchor goes past the header that holds the anchor. it jumps to the middle of the paragraph below the <h3> header that hold the anchor id. How can I get it to jump to and display the header?
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