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  1. Disregard. I'm able to reorganize the Category in the new version of "product store".
  2. Hi @tuanphan, can you help me change the categories here? I need: "ALL, MEDIUM, SMALL, EXTRA SMALL" Then on the main page, I need the order as: "All, OCP, Black, Designer, Game, Flowers " Thanks a million in advance!!
  3. @tuanphan My shopping cart is now in a weird spot. Is there any way to fix it to top right position like in desktop view? Or somewhere else that looks presentable?
  4. Site URL: https://www.ocpmask.com I was wondering if anyone can help me out for this tiny issue. When in mobile view, I dont want the hamburger icon and separate menu links. I want it look just like regular desktop view, with the links underneath the logo title. My site: https://www.ocpmask.com/ Thank you very much in advance! @tuanphan
  5. This is EXACTLY what i need! thank you so much for the help Tuan! you're amazing!
  6. Site URL: https://www.ocpmask.com/kid site: https://www.ocpmask.com/kid I need help in turning off Mobile View on this page when customers are visiting from their smartphone (Which is 90% of my traffic). I have a lot of products to sell as you can see there. When on mobile view, it shows 1 product at a time and the customers would have to scroll, making it very slow and unfriendly. I want the customers to be able to see an overview off all my products, then pinch-to-zoom or click on whatever they like. I tried to follow the instructions from Squarespace but there is not option to turn off mobile view on my template. I think it's not possible in 7.1 design. @tuanphan Please Help! Cam on ban nhieu nhe 😘😊
  7. Thanks Tuan. I was hoping for something at no cost from the Squarespace team. That plugin from third party seems outrageous for what it does! I'll keep searching for a better option.
  8. Site URL: https://www.ocpmask.com/custom-mask/satin Hello everyone! I have an annoying problem that hopefully someone can help! I need a CSS code or an instruction on how to edit my product in mobile view format. My site: https://www.ocpmask.com/custom-mask/satin (mobile preview attached) When in normal view, all my pictures are showing up as stacked and since i have different colors for the mask, people can quickly change in the drop down to see the matching color. When in mobile view, the customer can only see 1 picture at a time. I want to have the ability for the customer to see a small preview of all colors, then click on that one to be able to see the big picture. If they have to click on each color on the drop down to see just 1 color, that would take too long. Any ideas or tips on how to much this view better for mobile users? 95% of my visitors are on mobile so i want to make it as users friendly as possible! Thanks in advance for the help!
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