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  1. Disregard. I'm able to reorganize the Category in the new version of "product store".
  2. Hi @tuanphan, can you help me change the categories here? I need: "ALL, MEDIUM, SMALL, EXTRA SMALL" Then on the main page, I need the order as: "All, OCP, Black, Designer, Game, Flowers " Thanks a million in advance!!
  3. @tuanphan My shopping cart is now in a weird spot. Is there any way to fix it to top right position like in desktop view? Or somewhere else that looks presentable?
  4. Site URL: https://www.ocpmask.com I was wondering if anyone can help me out for this tiny issue. When in mobile view, I dont want the hamburger icon and separate menu links. I want it look just like regular desktop view, with the links underneath the logo title. My site: https://www.ocpmask.com/ Thank you very much in advance! @tuanphan
  5. This is EXACTLY what i need! thank you so much for the help Tuan! you're amazing!
  6. Site URL: https://www.ocpmask.com/kid site: https://www.ocpmask.com/kid I need help in turning off Mobile View on this page when customers are visiting from their smartphone (Which is 90% of my traffic). I have a lot of products to sell as you can see there. When on mobile view, it shows 1 product at a time and the customers would have to scroll, making it very slow and unfriendly. I want the customers to be able to see an overview off all my products, then pinch-to-zoom or click on whatever they like. I tried to follow the instructions from Squarespace but there is not opti
  7. Thanks Tuan. I was hoping for something at no cost from the Squarespace team. That plugin from third party seems outrageous for what it does! I'll keep searching for a better option.
  8. Site URL: https://www.ocpmask.com/custom-mask/satin Hello everyone! I have an annoying problem that hopefully someone can help! I need a CSS code or an instruction on how to edit my product in mobile view format. My site: https://www.ocpmask.com/custom-mask/satin (mobile preview attached) When in normal view, all my pictures are showing up as stacked and since i have different colors for the mask, people can quickly change in the drop down to see the matching color. When in mobile view, the customer can only see 1 picture at a time. I want to have the ability for the customer to
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