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  1. Hi guys, I followed this excellent post which helped me use custom fonts on my site - Adding Custom Fonts. However the post doesn't appear to explain how to assign a particular weight to a given style. So I guess I'd be looking for something like H2 { font-family: 'Gotham'!important ; font-weight: 'medium'!important ; } however the above doesn't seem to do anything. Even better than this would be the ability to assign my custom font weights to Squarespace's numbered font weight system e.g. 100 = thin 300 = x-light 400 = light 500 = book 600 = medium 700 = bold 800 = black 900 = ultra Any ideas? Here's my site link - My Site password: thefalcon
  2. The code checks out. Many thanks for your help jpeter and I'm sure many others will find it helpful
  3. Many thanks for this. I'm going away to learn about adding JavaScript to Squarespace and then I'll let you know how I got on!
  4. .gallery-caption-grid-masonry p.gallery-caption-content { -webkit-user-select: none; -moz-user-select: none; -ms-user-select: none; user-select: none; } I added this which is a start - it makes the text non-selectable. But the captioned part of the image still doesn't support clickthrough
  5. I suppose what I'm asking is, can the text in the gallery be 'unselectable'?
  6. This is a pretty small detail but I don't suppose there's a way for the caption to also support the clickthrough url? Currently when you rollover the text you get the text edit cursor. I guess it's not a big deal, just wondering if there's an easy fix?
  7. You did it! Thanks so much and I'm sure this will be a help to many others searching
  8. There is the option to bed the caption in the image png.. just not the cleanest method and means the text will also darken on rollover
  9. Site URL: https://round-mouse-b95a.squarespace.com/ Hi guys, In 7.1 I want the masonry grid gallery on my homepage to show text descriptions on rollover. I've been searching everywhere for this code and have managed to find code that darkens the images but doesn't show the link title. My Site Password: thefalcon Any ideas? Many thanks, Martin
  10. To answer my own question I realise the solution is to combine tuanphan's code with yours Ryan .homepage .gallery-masonry { padding-top: 0vw; } section:first-of-type .content-wrapper { padding-top: 90px !important; } thus the masonry gallery's padding is first taken off and then the global padding is applied
  11. Hi Ryan, Thanks a lot for taking a look at this. I've tried using one of your codes or both together in different orders but still get the masonry grid lower than the first element on other pages. Am I being a bit dim and missing the point here?
  12. Hi Ryan, Thanks a lot for this it works great on my 'about' and 'project' pages. However now the masonry grid on my homepage seems to be lower than everything else even though I've taken the previous code out that lowered just the masonry grid? M
  13. just started a 7.0 template. Looks like I do indeed have more options.. thanks for your feedback I'll check this out
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