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  1. Site URL: https://vickyliszew.com/ Hi all! Does anyone know how to delete a link to my next post on the bottom of my post? (Please see attached image) Also I noticed that this link only appears on the first post, could someone help explain that? https://vickyliszew.com/home/usability-evaluation Much appreciated for your help! Vicky
  2. Thanks a lot! @tuanphan how could I apply this to my top menu bar too?
  3. Site URL: https://vickyliszew.com/ When you zoom in or out on the homepage with a laptop, the grid gallery does not align with the text. I find it very difficult to keep them aligned, it is also very inflexible to play around with the design of the grid gallery. Anyone can let me know how I could keep the grid and text aligned? Thanks!
  4. Hi guys! Anyone know how you can replace the existing Squarespace default hamburger menu to an animated one? The current one I have has 2 thin lines and non-animated. I was hoping to create one like Arrow Alt from https://jonsuh.com/hamburgers/ , but with similarly thin strokes as the default one. Appreciate your time and help!
  5. I'm currently on 7.1 @derricksrandomviews UPDATE: I fixed it. Thanks a ton!
  6. Hi everyone! I'm new to Squarespace and would like to ask for help on this seemingly rookie error (?). When I access the hamburger on my mobile site, the list items are all squashed up. The link locations seem to have shifted too because when you click on any one of the links, it directs you to the wrong location: [say hello] > [about] [about] > [home] [home] > no response Really appreciate if anyone could help me out!
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