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  1. Hello, I have carousel gallery blocks as a banner in the first section of a page. How can I change the height of this section for mobile & tablet? Thank you. Katja
  2. Site URL: https://octagon-broccoli-lhe6.squarespace.com/ I have a carousel gallery on every page of the site as a banner in the first section of an index page. On mobile and tablet I want this gallery to be much higher (covering 2/3 of the screen). Any ideas? Thank you.
  3. This is strange. I want to do exactly that, but in my case the click on the folder leads me to the first page in the folder. It's for a customer with a personal plan, so I can't add a code. Any suggestions how I can work around it? And the thing is, when I started creating the site it just worked perfectly how I wanted it: the folder itself wasn't clickable and I had to choose one of the pages in the menu.
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