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  1. Site URL: https://elokand.com

    Afternoon all.  I'm trying to add a collage (or overlap) block to a section on my home page.  I click on an insert point, select collage and it adds fine.  One problem, I don't see anywhere to add the caption.  It's allowing me to add an image but there's nothing anywhere on the block to enter the caption.  In other words it's as if I've chosen to just add an image block.  None of the image blocks that require text have any indication that text can be entered on the block anywhere.

    I'm sure I must be missing something but I'll be darned if I know what.

    Any ideas?

    site password is : abcd123

  2. I don't think I made myself clear because my request doesn't require the need to look at my site.  Basically what I'm trying to do is create a re-usable piece of code - which in this case happens to be a button.  I don't want to have to re-type the code into every product page that needs this snippet.  I want to make my own button and re-use it anywhere I want.

    Hopefully that is a little more clear.  Thanks.

  3. Evening all, I have need to create a button via a code block that I want to put on multiple product detail pages in my shop.  It's a button that does one thing and it needs to do the same thing on about 10 different products.  I'm wondering if there's a way to save these code snippets and add them to other pages without having to re-create the same code block 10 different times?

  4. Site URL: https://pumpkin-sailfish-pmfp.squarespace.com/

    My mind is boggled by the fact that 7.1 offers no options for displaying both the site title AND the logo in the header.  What are the SqSp designers thinking?  This is just basic stuff.

    Someone please tell me I'm wrong about this.  If I'm not wrong is there a way to have:

    logo                           Site Title                                        navigation

    or am I going to have to jump through hoops.

    For the record I'm perfectly comfortable with code but before I dive in I want to make sure I'm no re-inventing the wheel.

    Thanks in advance for anyone's help.


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