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  1. This does not work for me. I did exactly this, made sure to capitalize PHYSICAL, made sure there were no spaces, etc. When importing, Squarespace always returns that the Product Type field is invalid. I've used Apple Numbers, Excel, and Google Sheets, always saving as CSV with the CSV file extension.
  2. Yes, that's possible. However, this creates unnecessary, untidy code.
  3. We have not published the site yet. One of the reasons being this design issue. edit: seedfolkgoods.com password: supersecret
  4. For some reason, a hover effect is showing up on active pages on nav links. For instance, navigate to About page. If you mouseover the About page link, the opacity changes. I have not applied any custom CSS. This came with the starting template. I can't find anything in the Design settings, or otherwise. Chrome inspector shows: body:not(.tweak-transparent-header) .header-nav-item--active a:hover { opacity: .7; } body:not(.tweak-transparent-header) .header-nav-item--active a:hover { opacity: .7; }
  5. I'm trying to set up a store that displays both one-time items and subscriptions. It appears I cannot do so unless I include them all in the same block, unless someone else knows something I don't? I can't seem to find a Product block - I'm only able to get it when I choose a template. So I added a new block on the store page and created another store page with only subscription items, hiding it from navigation. On the original store page in the new block I added the subscription items. Problem here is that they're not styled the same. I could do it via CSS, but it's sort of clunky this way.
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