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  1. YES that did it, thank you so much!! You're a wizard. One question: how did you know the .collection code? I've installed SquareSpace Collection / Block Identifyer for Chrome, but could not look up the code. And using inspect element I got lost in long list of code. Is there a summary page of this somewhere perhaps?
  2. Hi @Tuanphan, thanks for checking! The new link is: https://www.karelwasch.nl/overzichtwerk/hetgeluidvandenken
  3. Site URL: https://www.karelwasch.nl Hi there! I'm struggling how to override the background color of all blog pages of the theme Handyman:https://www.karelwasch.nl/overzichtwerk/hetgeluidvandenken Can anyone help me please? I already tried the following code without any result. .collection-type-index #blog-books {background: #1700ff} It this works I would like to change all the type colors too for all the blog posts.
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