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  1. I'm new to Squarespace and have a site in progress for my language business. Trying to figure out if an online service store will work. On our old/current site, we use the Teachworks platform as a form builder and follow up with an invoice from this same platform. Teachworks integrates with Stripe and Zapier and we use it to track all of our students and tutors (invoicing, hours taught/taken etc.). I love the online service store idea and am fine using Squarespace's e-commerce to get immediate payments when customers check out. I would add a custom form so that when they do check out for, say, a 20 hour Spanish course, I can collect their info (contact, custom questions, etc.) and am just not clear on where their info goes and whether I will be able to have it automatically sent to TeachWorks or if I'll have to manually enter each new student into Teachworks whenever they make a purchase. In addition, when we hopefully reopen our brick-and-mortar center, some people might wish to register on the Squarespeace site but pay in person with a check or cash. Any guidance from those with similar businesses or from Squarespace experts more than welcome. The launch of the new Squarespace site for my speaklanguagecenter.com is being delayed by the decision of whether to keep things the same (simple "register now" button leading to a Teachworks form and no payment until invoiced later) or take the leap to an online service store. I kind of wish it were possible to simply copy the DESIGN of the online store (products in a grid) without having to use the e-commerce feature. It would make a great template to have the grid and features (i.e. click on an "item" and get the pop-up window with all of the details, register) that would be so great!
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