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  1. yes please @tuanphan, I would still love some help if possible! Many thanks
  2. Hi @tuanphan, apologies, the url is https://www.unarodden.com/the-gift-edit I have the columns working now but is there anyway to have the images read left to right from my desktop site, as opposed to vertically? It really scrambles the order. Thanks so much!
  3. Oh my goodness, yes, @tuanphan! Thanks so much for checking in. I'm drawing a blank.
  4. Okay, so I've worked out how to get all products appearing as in the £0-60 category and I've the "Browse by Personality" buttons appearing in a row. However, you now need to scroll the screen to the left to view the 4th button. Is there a way to lay this section out as 2 rows of 2 buttons so all are visible? Also, still wondering how my products can be read from the desktop rows as opposed to columns, as this will make more sense? Apologies, I am completely new to coding, any suggestions will be gratefully received! I have added screenshots to explain. Many thanks!
  5. This is amazing @tuanphan! Thank you so much. The "Browse by Value" section has appeared perfectly, however, the "Browse by Personality" remains the same. Also, with regards the image sections, £0-60 shows the images as a perfect size, but displays them by column as opposed to left to right, and then all other sections appear as before. I fear this may be because of the way I have added sections? I have added some screenshots for explanation
  6. Thank you so much @tuanphan. I would also like my images to appear in columns as they do on my other store pages for mobile. Maybe this will work for that too? Really appreciate your help!
  7. Hi, I wonder can anyone help. I am also having trouble formatting a page for mobile. I have created an edit of products from my site using product blocks, but these stack one on top of the other on mobile, which is difficult to view for so many items. Any suggestions how I could make these appear in 2 or 3 columns instead? Furthermore, the button links I have created stack on top too, I would prefer if they arranged beside each other. Is this possible? Many thanks for your help! URL: www.unarodden.com/the-gift-edit-1
  8. Unfortunately @tuanphan, I still cannot see 3 columns after clearing my cache, but the code for mobile worked a treat, so thank you very much for that!
  9. Hi @tuanphan, I wonder if you can help me also. Firstly I cannot get columns to work on the product pages of the desktop site (I have used the style format to try to create 3 columns but it does nothing). I would also like the mobile site to display as 2 columns and for suggested items within the product block to display in columns. https://www.unarodden.com/ I realise I'm asking a lot here, but any help would be greatly appreciated
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