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  1. Site URL: https://personalchefberlin.de/ Hi I'd like to change the font for the contact form and the button on navigation (upper right corner). What's the CSS code for this?
  2. @tuanphan Same thing for me too. reCAPTCHA is positioned a bit awkward (see attached). Could you tell me how to move it to middle? personalchefberlin.de password: june
  3. I inserted on Custom CSS. https://personalchefberlin.de/cart password: june
  4. @tuanphan Doesn't work:(( Would you have any other way? I'd be fine with changing the font too instead of hiding it, if that's easier.
  5. @jpeter Thank you for the code. Where do I put this code? Custom CSS or code injection?
  6. 1. Change font only for mobile: I'd like to change font size of the quote on this page only on mobile. How can I target just the quote? 2. Change font of the lightbox that pops up when you click "quick view" on products (attached screenshot) 3. Cart page fonts: get rid of or change the font of "shopping cart" and customize "checkout" button (attached screenshot) Website: www.personalchefberlin.de Password: june
  7. Hi I added an anchor link the main landing page. The link goes to the right place but instead of scrolling down it looks like it's jumping to another page. How can I do "scroll down" effect? It's the main page button "Get started" www.personalchefberlin.de password: june
  8. @jjjuliejj How did you make the "Shopping Cart" text invisible? Also tried this code below but didn't work... .cart-title { visibility: hidden; }
  9. Hi I'd like to change the color of social icons in the footer and get rid of underlines for the hyperlinks. What are the codes to make these changes? I have a commerce account. Website: www.personalchefberlin.de Password: june
  10. Hi I'd like to create a banner that allows visitors to enter zip code to see if we deliver to the zip code (like picture). Is this possible?
  11. I fixed it! I followed your class id list you posted in another post:) Another question: I'd like to change the login font on the navigation (circled in picture). Would you know how to find the class id? Website: personalchefberlin.de Password: june Thank you!!
  12. Hmm it didn't work. The code still only applies to the buttons that were already applied to. These buttons are in the image section. Is there a separate div for these buttons in the image blocks?
  13. Hi I've added custom CSS to change the font of buttons. But it's applying to some buttons but not all. What is the code to change the font for all buttons? This is the code I used: .sqs-block-button-element { font-family: 'Open Sans Light' !important; }
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