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  1. Site URL: https://personalchefberlin.de/ Hi I'd like to change the font for the contact form and the button on navigation (upper right corner). What's the CSS code for this?
  2. @tuanphan Same thing for me too. reCAPTCHA is positioned a bit awkward (see attached). Could you tell me how to move it to middle? personalchefberlin.de password: june
  3. I inserted on Custom CSS. https://personalchefberlin.de/cart password: june
  4. @tuanphan Doesn't work:(( Would you have any other way? I'd be fine with changing the font too instead of hiding it, if that's easier.
  5. @jpeter Thank you for the code. Where do I put this code? Custom CSS or code injection?
  6. 1. Change font only for mobile: I'd like to change font size of the quote on this page only on mobile. How can I target just the quote? 2. Change font of the lightbox that pops up when you click "quick view" on products (attached screenshot) 3. Cart page fonts: get rid of or change the font of "shopping cart" and customize "checkout" button (attached screenshot) Website: www.personalchefberlin.de Password: june
  7. Hi I added an anchor link the main landing page. The link goes to the right place but instead of scrolling down it looks like it's jumping to another page. How can I do "scroll down" effect? It's the main page button "Get started" www.personalchefberlin.de password: june
  8. @jjjuliejj How did you make the "Shopping Cart" text invisible? Also tried this code below but didn't work... .cart-title { visibility: hidden; }
  9. Hi I'd like to change the color of social icons in the footer and get rid of underlines for the hyperlinks. What are the codes to make these changes? I have a commerce account. Website: www.personalchefberlin.de Password: june
  10. Hi I'd like to create a banner that allows visitors to enter zip code to see if we deliver to the zip code (like picture). Is this possible?
  11. I fixed it! I followed your class id list you posted in another post:) Another question: I'd like to change the login font on the navigation (circled in picture). Would you know how to find the class id? Website: personalchefberlin.de Password: june Thank you!!
  12. Hmm it didn't work. The code still only applies to the buttons that were already applied to. These buttons are in the image section. Is there a separate div for these buttons in the image blocks?
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