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  1. Hiii @tuanphan thank you for your comment! When I go there, there doesn't display any options or words that I can change other than reset styles to default (This is a template so would be scared to click that as I'm not sure what styles they've built) I added a piccy
  2. Site URL: https://chromatical.com.au/chromatical-packages I've had this issue before and @bangank36 was REALLY helpful, but it's still acting really odd. He added some code in the hope it would ammend the issue, but he wasn't sure why it was happening in the first place and it's still glitching so hoped someone else could also take a squiz? This code is on two pages https://chromatical.com.au/chromatical-packages and https://chromatical.com.au/chromatical-club And it happens on both pages Essentially, sometimes the table disappears completely and it just shows
  3. Yay it was that page and https://chromatical.com.au/chromatical-packages
  4. OH YAY ITS WORKING THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN!!!! Last question... did you get my message about the weird disappearing boxes that you added code for one one page? Hoping you could add it to the other page? Thank you again.
  5. Hmm! Are you able to check on mobile? It is now working for me on desktop, but not on Chrome or Safari on iphone
  6. @bangank36 Also, (I commented above about the FAQ not working) But also, thank you SO much for your help with the weird section! I mentioned there were two pages with this issue, this is the other one https://chromatical.com.au/chromatical-club (right down the bottom) is there any chance you could put the stylesheet there as well? Thank you SO very much for your time I'm mighty grateful.
  7. @bangank36Oh no, it's still not working for me on mobile or desktop :(:( The FAQ doesn't expand/close still but still works correctly on the other page. So strange!
  8. Gday! Thanks heaps, I'll give it a go. Should I do this on both pages considering it's the same code? Just in case the other page breaks too? Heya I just added you as a contributor thank you SO SO SO much! We are talking in another issue as well which you might be able to look at while you're in there (if that's okay). It's this issue - https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/173734-code-only-sometimes-displays-correctly/#comment-410135
  9. Hmm no still not working on my end 😞 This is my full code! <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.2.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function () { $(document).on("click", '.markdown-block h4', function() { $(this).toggleClass('open').children('*:not(h4)').slideToggle(); }); }); </script> <style> body:not(.sqs-edit-mode) .markdown-block h4 { display: block !important; cursor: pointer; } body:not(.sqs-edit-mode) .markdown-block h4 + blockquote { display: no
  10. Gday! Thanks heaps, I'll give it a go. Should I do this on both pages considering it's the same code? Just in case the other page breaks too?
  11. Hiya @bangank36, thanks for your reply. I'm not sure when it broke, I didn't realise it was broken. I was just alerted to it by someone viewing my website. They said they were on safari on mobile, and I use Chrome on both desktop and mobile.
  12. Site URL: https://chromatical.com.au/chromatical-packages Hellooo! I have code on two pages (this page is just one - https://chromatical.com.au/chromatical-packages) and only sometimes does it display correctly. Screenshots attached. Sometimes it just displays as regular text, but then I refresh and it appears normal. I have no idea why it doesn't just look right all the time. It needs to display right because it has all the links so that people can join and they get removed if it turns into text. Hope someone can help?
  13. Hi folks, I have code that allows me to create FAQ dropdowns on my site, however it does expand like the accordian on one page, but not the other, but I believe it's the exact same code! I have this code on 2 different pages on my site https://chromatical.com.au/faq and https://chromatical.com.au/chromatical-club (it's a long page and it's nearer the bottom end - just search FAQ) The code I'm using involves the code inside the markdown, and also code that gets hidden in the bottom of each page. The code works as required on the FAQ page - (The boxes open
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