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  1. I inserted the Custom CSS as suggested earlier by going to Design - Custom CSS: div.healcode .header { position: relative!important; pointer-events: auto; } But the Appointment Widget still doesn't deploy correctly. It looks like a static calendar but you can't click on it to search for appointment times, dates, etc. and it runs over the footer when you scroll. Also can't get the Frederick/Marketing Suite reviews code to display on my main page in a code block. Code is: <div data-fred-widget-reviews></div> <script src="https://d1yw3duy3i4qiv.cloudfront.net/js/sdk-v1.js"></script> <script> FRED.init({ locationId: "23ca8b2d-148c-4dfa-aef7-fc0444f08e3e", perPage: 5, layout: "list", background: "ffffff", titleHexColor: "8cc63f", starHexColor: "fcc415" }); </script> Is this JavaScript? or CSS? or which code type? Tried them all. URL: heavenlytouchboone.com
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