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  1. I also would like to move my slideshow gallery to one side rather then having it in the centre, how do I do this?
  2. Thank you! Now I would like to move the menu from the header to the middle of page like so: see where is says "info & contact"
  3. the look I want to recreate : http://www.amandaelisek.com
  4. Site URL: http://reindeer-soybean-fs8a.squarespace.com Hello, Please help. 1. I would like to have my slideshow reel to the right side of the page (not centre) static filling the whole side of the left from top to bottom. 2. I would like to remove foot header & site footer ( so therefore slideshow takes from top to bottom of page) and instead move the navigation bar to the left of slide show reel, in the centre of the page Please see images : currently : How I would like:
  5. I managed, just was a different way for some reason. Is there a way to remove the site header & footer panel so website can be full screen?
  6. Site URL: https://www.lellasoper.com Hello, Please help. Im trying to add a gallery block and when I follow the steps on the help page : Edit a page or post and click an insert point. For help, visit Adding content with blocks. Scroll to Gallery in the menu and select Slideshow, Carousel, Grid, or Stack I don't have an option for the gallery in the menu? Therefore I can not select Slideshow.. why is this? and how do I work around it. I know this is very simple, however I have filled the steps over and over and I still is not appearing the same as it does on the help page...? Thank you,, Lella
  7. Hi there, struggling with the same issue - please help!! lellasoper.com THANK YOU!!
  8. Hi All, Having the same issue with the mobile view. I have also placed the tool bar inside the mirror of the background image which I would like to keep static but it seems to move when on a different size screen - how do I stop this from happening ? pls help! https://www.lellasoper.com
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