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  1. Site URL: https://chipmunk-mandarin-37dc.squarespace.com PW - Shaped2Fit I was just wondering if someone could help me make the banner more zoomed out on mobile? Thanks
  2. Site URL: https://chipmunk-mandarin-37dc.squarespace.com Hi there guys I am a little new to creating sites so please bare with me 😀.... I have basically added some icons to a mobile view, and I want them displayed differently on the desktop view. This means I have hidden an image block on desktop view and have hidden another on mobile view. On the homepage there is now a lot of white space where the hidden image is on desktop view. Does anyone know if there is a method to remove this space? Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope this is a simple fix 🙂 Site password is Shaped2Fit if needed
  3. Site URL: http://dashconcept.com Hi guys Pretty new to squarespace and was seeing if anyone could help me - looking to find a bit of code that changes my clients in the gallery viewer on mobile to smaller icon sizes. Currently they take up loads of the page and doesn't look great. Any help would be appreciated Best
  4. Hi @jpeter. Thanks for getting back to me. Do I just paste this in custom css? It didn't seem to work 😞
  5. Site URL: https://sprout-pelican-95wn.squarespace.com/ Hi there pretty new to squarespace and creating websites. I just thought I would see if someone knew how to reduce the space between these two images in my footer on mobile only? Password to site is: Isaac Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks Ryan
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