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  1. Site URL: http://studiobarnhus.com/ Hi, I would like to move the categorys(filters) into the nav bar on the shop page. Is this possible or do I have to fiddle with code injection or should I fiddle with css? password: barnhusstudio12q
  2. Site URL: http://studiobarnhus.com/ Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to adjust 2 things on the mobile version of a site Im working on. the password for the site is "barnhusstudio12q". Issue 1 (category filters): I would like these links/filters to simply appear at the top, with the active link in blue color. Right now theres a + for expanding and opacity and alot of mess, I can seem to figure out how to disable this without removing it all together.... Issue 2 (mobile menu): If it's possible I would like to do a full screen mobile menu with a white background and a closing "X" and not the expandable version that comes as a solution for this template (avenue). Any css experts out there that know how to solve any of these issues? All the best,
  3. Yeah indeed, that would be super useful. Yeah that's the one.
  4. Yeah, that was the idea. Seems exesive to use a 50 dollar plugin for something like this no? Seem to do the job though.
  5. Site URL: http://studiobarnhus.com/ Hi, I'm in the process of helping some friends with a website. Solved most of it but this one seemingly simple thing is jacking me. I want a page (blog page) to have 1 column with the blog and one column with a social block (instagram). How can this be achived? I've manage to put them on the same page by adding the feed to the specific header of the blog page. I've scaled them both down to 45% width but I can't get the instagram to float right. When inspecting the code I can seem to edit the top level of the instagram feed to be acctually 45%, is this the problem? If someone knows how to do this, I'd be super happy for any advice. password for the site: barnhusstudio12q All the best!
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