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  1. Site URL: https://austin-muscle-restoration.squarespace.com Hey there! I can't seem to figure out the best way to adjust my team bio section for smaller screen (ipad). On mobile it stacks, which is good and it is even on laptop screens but on ipad the text is not even pushing the buttons uneven. Is there a way I can adjust this? Password: scocreativeclient
  2. Hi, Thank you for trying but it still didn't work. Any other suggestions? The code that is working is below if you see any similarities... Working Code:: <div id="policy" width="640" height="480" data-policy-key="TUhWMllqUmlZVlpCTkU1VE1sRTlQUT09" data-extra="table-style=accordion" > </div><script src="https://app.termageddon.com/js/termageddon.js"></script>
  3. Site URL: https://austin-muscle-restoration.squarespace.com/legal-information Hey there, I am having trouble with two codes (Privacy Policy) not showing up in my code blocks. I have three all together and one is showing just fine. There is not a problem with the coding, I checked it on a shopify site and the code works perfect. Can someone help with what the issue could be? In the photo attached, there should be one code between each divider line. My page is not live yet but the link is here : https://austin-muscle-restoration.squarespace.com/legal-information Password: scocreativeclient The codes I am using: 1.) <div id="policy" width="640" height="480"data-policy-key="TUVOeWVsRTVVRFZPT0djMFRIYzlQUT09" data-extra="table-style=accordion" > </div><script src="https://app.termageddon.com/js/termageddon.js"></script> 2.) <div id="policy" width="640" height="480"data-policy-key="ZEdjeGNDdE9WSGhpY1ZNck1XYzlQUT09" data-extra="table-style=accordion" > </div><script src="https://app.termageddon.com/js/termageddon.js"></script>
  4. Site URL: https://clavichord-dahlia-ke4t.squarespace.com/ Hi, I am trying to see if it is possible to code in an extra button (making there be two) on the overlap image card? Thanks!
  5. Hi, Yes - This is the temporary code until I am using until I receive the official code that she is wanting implemented up top. <div class="shopthepost-widget" data-widget-id="4091738"><script type="text/javascript">!function(w,i,d,g,e,t){d.getElementById(i)||(element=d.createElement(t),element.id=i,element.src="https://widgets.rewardstyle.com"+e,d.body.appendChild(element)),w.hasOwnProperty(g)===!0&&"complete"===d.readyState&&w[g].init()}(window,"shopthepost-script",document,"__stp","/js/shopthepost.js","script")</script><div class="rs-adblock"><img src="https://assets.rewardstyle.com/production/91e055de5993fe06cd77db3124a780cbce0fc12e/images/search/350.gif" onerror='this.parentNode.innerHTML="Disable your ad blocking software to view this content."' style="width: 15px; height: 15px"><noscript>JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.</noscript></div></div>
  6. Hi! I am needing to add in a clients Rewardstyle code above the site navigation in Squarespace 7.1. Here is an example of what I am needing - https://www.everydayellablog.com Thanks in advance!
  7. Site URL: https://www.wethewell.co Hi, I am currently on the Bedford Template. I have implemented the following code to allow the transparent fixed header at a larger height, but I am needing to have my fixed header turn white or background color when I scroll past the banner. How can I do this? (Site password: scocreativeclient) Current Code in Custom CSS- header#header { position: fixed !important;} #logoImage img { height: 125px !important; max-height: 100%; } .transparent-header.view-list .banner-thumbnail-wrapper, .transparent-header.collection-type-page .banner-thumbnail-wrapper { padding: 100px 0 200px; }
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