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  1. 55 minutes ago, paul2009 said:

    This isn't achievable on Squarespace.

    The checkout is locked down and cannot be amended with code, even in Developer Mode.

    Thank you for responding to my message Paul. A "locked down" checkout is a serious limitation for Squarespace! Before posting this question, I had found your website and read your posts about how Squarespace does not allow checkout to be edited. I was hoping the post was outdated, but I guess it is not.

    It seems like a strange decision to completely "lock down" the checkout page, even for simple functionality edits, just to ensure legal compliance (PCI-DSS). 

  2. Site URL: https://hydecloset.com

    Goal: I am trying to implement a feature in my checkout page which would allow for a required field to appear when a certain discount code is entered. So when a user, who is checking out, enters a particular discount code, another required field will pop up on the page. This feature would also accomplish my desired goals if I could change the text of the "Shipping" field to something else upon entry of the particular discount code.

    What I have tried already:

    1.  Using customization tools such offered in the Design tab. 
    2.  Use code features like code-injection and CSS editing feature.
    3.  Using custom checkout forms.
    4.  Entering into developer mode to try to access source code in the Checkout page.

    Why these attempts have failed:

    1.  The customization tools in Design allowed me to change colors and implement some other limited features, but none of these features allowed for the desired feature.
    2.  These options did not allow me to edit code found on the checkout page.
    3.  This option did not allow for implement changes based on a particular discount code being entered.
    4.  Dev mode did not allow me to access any of the code relevant to the checkout page.\

    I will attach an image of the current checkout page.

    Any help is much appreciated!


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