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  1. Thank you for responding to my message Paul. A "locked down" checkout is a serious limitation for Squarespace! Before posting this question, I had found your website and read your posts about how Squarespace does not allow checkout to be edited. I was hoping the post was outdated, but I guess it is not. It seems like a strange decision to completely "lock down" the checkout page, even for simple functionality edits, just to ensure legal compliance (PCI-DSS).
  2. Site URL: https://hydecloset.com Goal: I am trying to implement a feature in my checkout page which would allow for a required field to appear when a certain discount code is entered. So when a user, who is checking out, enters a particular discount code, another required field will pop up on the page. This feature would also accomplish my desired goals if I could change the text of the "Shipping" field to something else upon entry of the particular discount code. What I have tried already: Using customization tools such offered in the Design tab. Use code features like c
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