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  1. Hi, thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, there. But just under the category Birth gift. So when you select birth gift, you'll see the text there.
  2. Hi, thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, there. But just under the category Birth gift. So when you select birth gift, you'll see the text there. Thanks so mc
  3. Site URL: https://www.noadecajou.com/shop?category=Birth%2Bgift Hi, I would like to add a text block just below the category menu bar on my e-shop. You can see the list of my category on this page https://www.noadecajou.com/shop?category=Birth+gift. It start with "all" and finishes with "bedding". I'd like to have a text under that list when I click on the "birth gift" category. Could you please help me and let me know how I could do that? Many thanks for your help!
  4. @tuanphan Make sure you click "add to cart" to see the form appear. Thanks a lot
  5. @tuanphan there you go: https://en.noadecajou.com/shop/nid-dange-grey The issue I think is Safari on mobile (iPhone maybe). It doesn't go on full screen. Any idea how we can fix this? It's a very big issue
  6. Site URL: https://en.noadecajou.com Hello, The product forms on mobile appear is very laggy: They don't appear full screen, and it's almost impossible to scroll up and down as it overlaps with the scrolling of page. Is there any way I can resolve this issue? With CSS code to appear it full screen on mobile maybe? Thanks T
  7. Site URL: http://noadecajou.com Hello, My e-commerce website is set-up in French and I have added a weglot plugin to have an english version too as we sell throughout Europe. The notification e-mails are set-up in French, which is fine for my French customers but not for all the others. Is there a way to change the notification emails to English without changing the language of the main website? It would be great to have a code that allow me to have all my notification e-mails in English. Thank you very much for your help. Best, Tina
  8. hi @tuanphan updated the domain and its now www.noadecajou.com and password is noadecajou1
  9. @paul2009 So there is no way for the customer to write their details for an order is a specific variant is selected?
  10. Hello, Is there a code to customise the product form so that it only appears in the screen if the customer has clicked on a specific option/variant? For example, I made a "personalisation" option button. If the customer selects "yes" for "personalisation", I want the form to appear so they can specify details about the personalisation option. However, If the customer selects "no", I don't want the form to appear as it would be very confusing. Would really appreciate some help! Thank you
  11. @christyprice I did all 3 steps several times and it didn't work...
  12. hi @tuanphan website is: magnolia-coral-ae8l.squarespace.com Order: "Tout", "Accessoires", "Balade", "Sommeil", 'Toilette", "Cadeau de naissance" Appreciate your help thank you!
  13. @christyprice Thanks a lot, tried it and layout looks great but for some reasons hyperlinking the text doesn't work. Once I link it it to a specific page it just doesn't work
  14. Hello, What CSS code can i use to change the order of my categories? I have 6 categories but default orders them alphabetically= "Tout", "Accessoires", "Balade", "Cadeau de naissance", "Sommeil", "Toilette". I dont know anything about coding so if i can get a step by step guide would gladly appreciate it! The theme is Magnolia. Thanks in advance, T.
  15. @christyprice Oh wow thanks i didn't know that it was possible. Does that mean i have to delete the footer navigation menu and enter the links manually?
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