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  1. Attached is a screen shot showing the two pages. I have them all set to 3:4 vertical.
  2. Thank you Leopold. I wasn't seeing how exactly to identify the element I wanted to modify. There are so many attributes called out in the body section. This is the element for the vertical formatted collection. "tweak-blog-basic-grid-image-aspect-ratio-34-three-four-vertical" And this is for the Horizontal I see this. weak-blog-side-by-side-image-aspect-ratio-43-four-three I'm not sure how to specify in the Collection ID CSS. craig
  3. https://glockenspiel-iguana-m2r3.squarespace.com/horses PW: wally I'm creating a site (7.1) for an artist using blog collections as a way to present 50 pieces of art. One collection has primarily horizontal images whereas the three other collections have a mix of horizontal and vertical images. When I adjust the blog format in the editor, the changes are global for all blog collections. Is there a way to style a single collection so it presents Horizontal images and the other collections are vertical images?
  4. Thank you for responding.... Am I missing something? When I visit the header layout but I don't see a center navigation and logo center. but not social right.
  5. Site URL: https://www.zodiacvodka.com/ I'm using 7.1 and I'm trying to move the social media icons to the right side of the header. Any suggestions?
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