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  1. Site URL: https://longtimefrienddiscount.com/merch hi ive hidden the header from my entire site for a clean appearance, so on the order confirmation page there isn't any clear way to get back to the products if you want to continue shopping. can anyone provide the type of injection code i could use to insert a hyper link or something that you could click to return to a designated page - that or the code for the continue shopping link that appears when a cart is empty. if possible i would like to also add the same sort of link to the cart page
  2. Thank you very much! i just had to change the second "style" but it worked perfectly! <style>.sqs-announcement-bar { display: none; </style> thanks so much
  3. Can someone provide the specific code for removing announcement bar from specific page in Version 7.0– Aviator family (Aviator template)
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