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  1. To clarify, what I'm trying to achieve is the following. I have a project. ex. here: https://www.vill.no/fortettingsanalyse-i-grenland I would like to add a thumbnail and a title "in between" the blogposts that links directly to the link above. That means that every time we upload a new project we could also add a link in the news section.
  2. Hi! No i havent found any solution. Any good tips? I think the burger is ok for now, but thanks for asking!
  3. Site URL: https://www.vill.no Hello! I am trying to figure out the following: the landingpage of my website is a blog-page. There is a image block on top, and then the news-posts are placed underneath. Ideally I would like the news section to be a combination of actual blogposts, and just images with clickthrough links to project pages. That means that every time we upload a new project, we could promote it on the landingpage Is there anyway to do this? I know that it is possible to make a blogpost and add a link inside the blogpost to the project, but I would love it if you don't
  4. Ok think i found the solution. Addes this to the global code injection <style>.page-banner-wrapper:not(.page-banner-has-image) { height: 0 !important; } </style> Seems to work. I guess the problem is that my page isn't reloading every time you enter a new page, hence the original page injection wouldn't be executed as you went from one page to the other.
  5. Site URL: https://www.vill.no/vill-arkitektur Hi! I have this page where you press one of the projects and then you enter the specific projectsite. I'm encountering a strange issue where you press the project and enter it but no banner shows up. Try f.ex. "Rekkehus Bergen". If you refresh the page the banner will show up though. On some of my other pages like the landingpage vill.no i have some code injection to block the banner from showing up, but this is not applied globally to the site. Anyone seen this before? Best regards, Anders
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